About What Am I Listening To?

Even before I finished writing my previous post I knew I wanted to write about music as my next. I love music. I eat, sleep, breathe, pray music. So after thinking about it I decided to share my current playlist with you all. Not in any particular order:

  1. Abhi Na Jaao Chodkar (Hum Dono) – This is one of those classic songs that just need to be heard again and again. I am writing about it first as it is currently playing as I type and I love love love Asha Bhosle in this song. Of course Rafi sahab is as lovely as always.
  2. Maahi Ve (Highway) – I just have to listen to one Highway song every now and then and currently this one is on my list. One of those “listen while you drive” type of song. And I am a biiiiiiiig AR Rahman fan , by-the-way.
  3. Labon Ka Karobar (Befikre) – I can’t stop listening to Papon, his voice is so mesmerizing. Like those chocolate ads on television, where you see chocolate melting in layers.  Although I must say that the composition as such is quite average.
  4. Mohe Rang Do Laal (Baajirao Mastani) – Once again, I like it because of the singer. Shreya Ghoshal is truly the most talented singers of our generation.
  5. Neene (Neene) – This is a Kannada song. This has been on social media for sometime noe. It is a very well made song and well sung as well.
  6. Baina (Coke Studio, Season 3) – Sung by Vijay Prakash, this is one of those songs that just need headphones. Well, for that matter no song must be listened to directly through a laptop or phone speakers, its disrespectful. Vijay is the most versatile singer in my opinion. He can sing any type of song in any language. I mean that is some talent to posses 🙂




About The Finale

To catch up on other emotions click Denial and Anger!

Unfortunately I had very little time these past two days and so couldn’t write eeeek! But now I have two posts for you, back to back. I also want to finish my winter story. I am eager to write about other things as well. So here I am with my final post on accepting winter.

The next two emotions are Bargaining and Depression. Well as if I was not already moping and wishing for warmth, today I woke up to find a thin layer of snow everywhere. At first I was in awe while looking at the mountains, white, with grey clouds hovering. After having a cup of coffee I realized – “Oh dear!”, this means it is official. Officially it’s winter. It’s official about how I need to wear layers and layers of clothes and how I will have at least one ‘skid-on-snow-and-fall-on-backside’ moment. And how I am secretly bargaining, just let it rain and let the snow melt.

The depression stage is even worse as I just want to stay at home, curl up with a thick blanket and binge watch The Walking Dead or some such addictive show. Sometimes shaving legs is an ordeal too, as my mind is secretly trying to convince me how there is no chance of really showing any skin when it is so cold and so why bother!

But I know that I will be successful in overcoming all those feelings and finally reach the Acceptance stage. That just has to happen as there will be woolly scarfs to buy, cakes and cookies to bake and eat, and finally book tickets to go to India for the annual vacation. So apparently all’s well that ends well 😉


About Anger and Winter

I am presently recording people’s emotional stages before winter hits everyone with “brahmastra”. To read my first emotion, click Denial. Now for the next stage- Anger.

Days that lead us to winter are not very kind either. Wind and rain are constant, making one’s clothes smell weird- like the smell of an old coin or an old damp leather pouch or a stale tiffin box.. I could go on. As you can see I am quite skillful with my sense of smell. Typically these nasty smells are a constant reminder of no sunshine. We see more people traveling in trams and buses to avoid rain, ergo more coin like smells. People talk in hushed voices, staring outside the tram/bus windows. That’s a grim picture I paint isn’t it?Similar to a Dementor sucking all the happiness. Last but not the least there are winter ads everywhere urging us to buy woolly stuff- jackets, shoes, gloves, tires,ski gear you name it! And I am annoyed by all these small indications. Speaking of annoyance-

Scene 1: On the way back home…

It is extremely windy and I walk against the wind, impatient to reach home. I open the door to a surprisingly chilly house. “It is so cold” I angrily blurt at the Husband as soon as he is home. “Switch on the heater” he says, confused why I haven’t already done that . “Ugh! It’s not winter yet. I don’t want to switch on the heaters” I yell “I can’t take it, I just want natural warm-ness around”.

Scene 2: Walking on the sidewalk

Those beautiful yellow orange leaves on trees few days ago are now fallen. The flower like leaves are wet because of all the rain, making them stick to the ground. “These leaves are everywhere! Wet slippery leaves, that stick to my shoes. So not Instagram-able”

Scene 3: Getting ready to go out

It takes hours to decide on how many clothes one needs to wear before stepping out. The worse is when I am in denial mode and refuse to wash all the sweaters and cardigans. That’s it. Now I am left with that one black sweater which was washed because I dropped sambar rice on it. Thank you sambar. And who said layering helps me stay warm? It is warm until I reach work and then I am sweating and after sometime I am cold again. What is this sorcery?


About Stages of Accepting Winter – First: Denial

2016 will be my fourth winter in Norway. Winter here is… hmmm what is that word? Grey. We have very rare clear blue skies and mostly rainy/snowy grey days. Of course I do enjoy some of the winter related things. Fresh snow on ground, watching snowfall, mountains, warmly lit houses on the mountains, Scandinavian Christmas celebrations, and many more winter-y things that make me feel good about living in this beautiful country; at the same time it also seems never ending and did I mention it is cold? Being a Bangalorean does not help either. We are so used to having perfect mild winters and just amazing temperatures throughout the year, that getting used to fingertip-numbing winters is not easy.

With November already here, I think it’s time to write about 5 stages of emotions one goes through before finally accepting that winter is here. I am going to write it as a 5 part series *devious plan laughter*.You know, I want to write all about it, all the details, my experiences etc and so I do not want to shorten it and try to squeeze everything in one post. That’s why I am splitting it my friends *looking innocent*. Selecting a common theme for 5 posts in NaBloPoMo is within the rules of the challenge, right? I think I heard a yes 🙂 Now for the first emotion.


Refusing to acknowledge that winter is around the corner.

Scene 1: Getting ready to go out:

I check Google for temperature (reads 7° C) and decide it’s not cold. Nope. Although I do decide it could be a bit chilly and pick my jacket. “I think I’ll wear this thin jacket and my summer shoes. Yes. I’ll put on my headphones and totally ignore the windy weather”.

Scene 2: Walking outside

“What is that shimmering thing I see?” I realize the grass is icy. Oh no no no not yet….

Scene 3: On a public transport

A lady walks in. She sits next to me and removes her gloves. What?? Why is she wearing gloves? I nervously look around to check who else has a pair of gloves in their hands. Not many. That’s right, it’s not cold. It’s sunny outside. It. Can’t. Be. That. Cold.

Scene 4: Clicking photos of trees

Autumn is lovely. I cannot believe all the wonderful nature’s colours around me. Beautiful tones of yellow and orange with the backdrop of blue sky are a treat. I am busy clicking photographs on my phone- of trees, of fallen leaves, of my shoes on those leaves – endless photo opportunities and angles. Suddenly I realize my fingers have gone numb. I try flexing my fingers. I gently put my phone in my bag and reach for my jacket pockets to keep my fingers from freezing. Now I am a little conscious but of course I act normal reaching for my phone once again-“oh look at those trees lined up so pretty” *click click clickity click*. I secretly chant no no no not yet..



About Something or Other

“I had a blog named Full Meals,

It was pointless, but decent and famous.

Maybe not ‘that’ famous.

Alas, an ignoramus virus forced me into hiatus.

Wait a minute, one day I said to myself,

This isn’t the end,

Like an old framed photograph it can be dusted and put back on shelf.

So here I am… Err”

Okay I give up! I am not a poet. So I switch to prose and say this – hello again blogworld. I am back. Full Meals is back *drum roll and trumpets*. But with a different name. New space, new name. New posts. Because, change is good. Change is the key to success. Also, the name Full Meals was taken. Thank you WordPress.

My urge to blog again came soaring back when this loulie initiated a Facebook conversation about National Blog Post Month – NaBloPoMo. Thanks Swaru for motivating me to quit slacking and get writing. So yes, I will be writing everyday for one whole month. It is actually one big party, other fabulous bunch of bloggers are in it too.

Oooo what will I write about? What is in store? Will I make it through? Can I really write? Do fruit flies detest vegetables? All these exciting questions,and only one way to find out. Stick around and read.