About Something or Other

“I had a blog named Full Meals,

It was pointless, but decent and famous.

Maybe not ‘that’ famous.

Alas, an ignoramus virus forced me into hiatus.

Wait a minute, one day I said to myself,

This isn’t the end,

Like an old framed photograph it can be dusted and put back on shelf.

So here I am… Err”

Okay I give up! I am not a poet. So I switch to prose and say this – hello again blogworld. I am back. Full Meals is back *drum roll and trumpets*. But with a different name. New space, new name. New posts. Because, change is good. Change is the key to success. Also, the name Full Meals was taken. Thank you WordPress.

My urge to blog again came soaring back when this loulie initiated a Facebook conversation about National Blog Post Month – NaBloPoMo. Thanks Swaru for motivating me to quit slacking and get writing. So yes, I will be writing everyday for one whole month. It is actually one big party, other fabulous bunch of bloggers are in it too.

Oooo what will I write about? What is in store? Will I make it through? Can I really write? Do fruit flies detest vegetables? All these exciting questions,and only one way to find out. Stick around and read.



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