About Stages of Accepting Winter – First: Denial

2016 will be my fourth winter in Norway. Winter here is… hmmm what is that word? Grey. We have very rare clear blue skies and mostly rainy/snowy grey days. Of course I do enjoy some of the winter related things. Fresh snow on ground, watching snowfall, mountains, warmly lit houses on the mountains, Scandinavian Christmas celebrations, and many more winter-y things that make me feel good about living in this beautiful country; at the same time it also seems never ending and did I mention it is cold? Being a Bangalorean does not help either. We are so used to having perfect mild winters and just amazing temperatures throughout the year, that getting used to fingertip-numbing winters is not easy.

With November already here, I think it’s time to write about 5 stages of emotions one goes through before finally accepting that winter is here. I am going to write it as a 5 part series *devious plan laughter*.You know, I want to write all about it, all the details, my experiences etc and so I do not want to shorten it and try to squeeze everything in one post. That’s why I am splitting it my friends *looking innocent*. Selecting a common theme for 5 posts in NaBloPoMo is within the rules of the challenge, right? I think I heard a yes 🙂 Now for the first emotion.


Refusing to acknowledge that winter is around the corner.

Scene 1: Getting ready to go out:

I check Google for temperature (reads 7° C) and decide it’s not cold. Nope. Although I do decide it could be a bit chilly and pick my jacket. “I think I’ll wear this thin jacket and my summer shoes. Yes. I’ll put on my headphones and totally ignore the windy weather”.

Scene 2: Walking outside

“What is that shimmering thing I see?” I realize the grass is icy. Oh no no no not yet….

Scene 3: On a public transport

A lady walks in. She sits next to me and removes her gloves. What?? Why is she wearing gloves? I nervously look around to check who else has a pair of gloves in their hands. Not many. That’s right, it’s not cold. It’s sunny outside. It. Can’t. Be. That. Cold.

Scene 4: Clicking photos of trees

Autumn is lovely. I cannot believe all the wonderful nature’s colours around me. Beautiful tones of yellow and orange with the backdrop of blue sky are a treat. I am busy clicking photographs on my phone- of trees, of fallen leaves, of my shoes on those leaves – endless photo opportunities and angles. Suddenly I realize my fingers have gone numb. I try flexing my fingers. I gently put my phone in my bag and reach for my jacket pockets to keep my fingers from freezing. Now I am a little conscious but of course I act normal reaching for my phone once again-“oh look at those trees lined up so pretty” *click click clickity click*. I secretly chant no no no not yet..




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