About Anger and Winter

I am presently recording people’s emotional stages before winter hits everyone with “brahmastra”. To read my first emotion, click Denial. Now for the next stage- Anger.

Days that lead us to winter are not very kind either. Wind and rain are constant, making one’s clothes smell weird- like the smell of an old coin or an old damp leather pouch or a stale tiffin box.. I could go on. As you can see I am quite skillful with my sense of smell. Typically these nasty smells are a constant reminder of no sunshine. We see more people traveling in trams and buses to avoid rain, ergo more coin like smells. People talk in hushed voices, staring outside the tram/bus windows. That’s a grim picture I paint isn’t it?Similar to a Dementor sucking all the happiness. Last but not the least there are winter ads everywhere urging us to buy woolly stuff- jackets, shoes, gloves, tires,ski gear you name it! And I am annoyed by all these small indications. Speaking of annoyance-

Scene 1: On the way back home…

It is extremely windy and I walk against the wind, impatient to reach home. I open the door to a surprisingly chilly house. “It is so cold” I angrily blurt at the Husband as soon as he is home. “Switch on the heater” he says, confused why I haven’t already done that . “Ugh! It’s not winter yet. I don’t want to switch on the heaters” I yell “I can’t take it, I just want natural warm-ness around”.

Scene 2: Walking on the sidewalk

Those beautiful yellow orange leaves on trees few days ago are now fallen. The flower like leaves are wet because of all the rain, making them stick to the ground. “These leaves are everywhere! Wet slippery leaves, that stick to my shoes. So not Instagram-able”

Scene 3: Getting ready to go out

It takes hours to decide on how many clothes one needs to wear before stepping out. The worse is when I am in denial mode and refuse to wash all the sweaters and cardigans. That’s it. Now I am left with that one black sweater which was washed because I dropped sambar rice on it. Thank you sambar. And who said layering helps me stay warm? It is warm until I reach work and then I am sweating and after sometime I am cold again. What is this sorcery?



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