About The Finale

To catch up on other emotions click Denial and Anger!

Unfortunately I had very little time these past two days and so couldn’t write eeeek! But now I have two posts for you, back to back. I also want to finish my winter story. I am eager to write about other things as well. So here I am with my final post on accepting winter.

The next two emotions are Bargaining and Depression. Well as if I was not already moping and wishing for warmth, today I woke up to find a thin layer of snow everywhere. At first I was in awe while looking at the mountains, white, with grey clouds hovering. After having a cup of coffee I realized – “Oh dear!”, this means it is official. Officially it’s winter. It’s official about how I need to wear layers and layers of clothes and how I will have at least one ‘skid-on-snow-and-fall-on-backside’ moment. And how I am secretly bargaining, just let it rain and let the snow melt.

The depression stage is even worse as I just want to stay at home, curl up with a thick blanket and binge watch The Walking Dead or some such addictive show. Sometimes shaving legs is an ordeal too, as my mind is secretly trying to convince me how there is no chance of really showing any skin when it is so cold and so why bother!

But I know that I will be successful in overcoming all those feelings and finally reach the Acceptance stage. That just has to happen as there will be woolly scarfs to buy, cakes and cookies to bake and eat, and finally book tickets to go to India for the annual vacation. So apparently all’s well that ends well 😉



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