About What Am I Listening To?

Even before I finished writing my previous post I knew I wanted to write about music as my next. I love music. I eat, sleep, breathe, pray music. So after thinking about it I decided to share my current playlist with you all. Not in any particular order:

  1. Abhi Na Jaao Chodkar (Hum Dono) – This is one of those classic songs that just need to be heard again and again. I am writing about it first as it is currently playing as I type and I love love love Asha Bhosle in this song. Of course Rafi sahab is as lovely as always.
  2. Maahi Ve (Highway) – I just have to listen to one Highway song every now and then and currently this one is on my list. One of those “listen while you drive” type of song. And I am a biiiiiiiig AR Rahman fan , by-the-way.
  3. Labon Ka Karobar (Befikre) – I can’t stop listening to Papon, his voice is so mesmerizing. Like those chocolate ads on television, where you see chocolate melting in layers.  Although I must say that the composition as such is quite average.
  4. Mohe Rang Do Laal (Baajirao Mastani) – Once again, I like it because of the singer. Shreya Ghoshal is truly the most talented singers of our generation.
  5. Neene (Neene) – This is a Kannada song. This has been on social media for sometime noe. It is a very well made song and well sung as well.
  6. Baina (Coke Studio, Season 3) – Sung by Vijay Prakash, this is one of those songs that just need headphones. Well, for that matter no song must be listened to directly through a laptop or phone speakers, its disrespectful. Vijay is the most versatile singer in my opinion. He can sing any type of song in any language. I mean that is some talent to posses 🙂




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